Halo lights

Oracle LED Lighting

Fits Classic Cars, Trucks And Motorcycles, Amber Halos Can Be Used As Turn Signals, Blue, Green And Red Intended For Show Only 3-watt LED bulb may produce anywhere between 240 to 320 lumens of illumination. Lumens is a measure of light. 'Lumens per watt' is the measure to identify how much light is produced for the energy or wattage drawn. Accordingly, the minimum efficiency of a 3 Watt LED bulb will be 80 lumens/watt.Or go here try a calculator


We do not offer an installation service, your best bet is to contact a reputable auto electrician in your local.


5.75 inch sealed beam led halo head lamp

Led Halo sealed beam units 5.75" and 7"

Ideal for many classic American, British, Cars. Bikes and Trucks.

7 inch sealed beam led halo head lamp

The ORACLE 7" Sealed Beam Unit comes with a pre-installed ORACLE LED Halo.

Available in a variety of colours to fit you project needs. The headlight requires an H4 Bulb (included).


Illuminated Badge SS

ORACLE LED Illuminated Factory Replacement Badges. These genuine factory badges are modified to stand out from the crowd.

Chevrolet illuminated rear bow tie.

2016+ Chevy Camaro Illuminated Rear Bowtie Emblem


LED halo headlight 7 x 6 inch

LED halo headlamp 6 x 7 inch fits many classic cars and trucks.

Turn your classic into a 21st century vehicle with a led daylight runng light.


LED halo headlight 4 x 6 inch

LED Halo headlight 4 x 6 inches fits many classic cars and trucks.

Upgrade your classic lighting to front daylight running lights.


Simple RGB controller

Simple RGB controller with remote.

ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller

Our new Colour SHIFT 2.0 LED Controller has several advantages over the previous version. This new controller can be programmed by the operator for an almost endless number of colours and functions that the user can design and save on the unit's memory.