contour starters

Ultimate Contour Starter Motors

Pertronic Launch all new Contour Muscle Starter Motors

Popular engines Ford, Chevy, Pontiac and Mopar.


• Contour starters offer a sleek design which combines

form and function.

• Fully enclosed aluminum body protects the components

from the elements and damaging heat.

• Adjustable starter clocking for improved clearance around headers

and other parts.

• Powerful Nippondenso motor combined with a 4.4:1 gear ratio

produces 200 lb/ft of torque for dependable starting of high

compression engines.

• Available in show quality polished or black powdercoat finish.

• Marine Approved SAE J1171 Certified versions also available.

Muscle starters for your muscle engine

Muscle Starter Motor Chevy

Chevy small and big block starter motor. Excellent choice.Fits 1964 to year 2000, black powder coated or polished.

Muscle starter motors by Pertronix

Contour Starter for Chevy LS engines

Muscle Starter motor Fits all LS engines with auto or manual transmissions

Ford Starter Motor 63 - 1987

Contour Starter for Fords. Fits 1963-1987 Ford 221-302/5.0, 351W & 351C

Muscle Starter Motor

Ford Starter Motor 63 - 2001

Fits 1963-2001 Ford 221-302/5.0, 351W & 351C with manual and auto trans.

Muscle Starter Motor

Mopar - Dodge - Chrysler Starter Motor

Fits 1962 - 1966 318 Poly, 1963-1987 L6, and 1963 - 2003 SB-LA, BB-B & RB, 426 HEMI engines.

Muscle Starter Motor for your Muscle Car or Truck

Pontiac - Oldsmobile Starter Motor

Fits all 1965 - 1981 Oldsmobile and Pontiac engines except 301. Auto or manual transmission.

Muscle Starter Motor for your Muscle Car or Truck